Clever Fox is an immersive entertainment studio that produces original series, films, and interactive experiences. Since 2015 Clever Fox projects have been seen by millions of viewers. In addition to original intellectual property our team of directors, producers, visual FX artists, and developers have brought immersive media to life for major studios and brands. Clever Fox is pushing the envelope in all forms of VR.


We believe in VR’s future as a rich landscape of immersive entertainment and we’re at the forefront of creating that compelling story-driven content. We begin each project by asking “who is the audience?” and “How will you reach them?”. By understanding who you want to speak to and what platforms you’d like to reach them on it allows our writing and directing team to create narrative worlds that take full advantage of the technologies available. From stereoscopic production to room scale environments and tactile feedback suits we weave stories together with technology so that the audience is truly moved. Our network of artists complete the process by bringing the vision to life. From the first day of shooting to the last day of post Clever Fox is there.

7080 Hollywood BLVD 11th Floor

Hollywood, CA 90028

Email: VR [at] cleverfox [dot] media

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Steven Adams | Manager